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  • Lives in Fort Worth, United States
  • My name is Marshall Hoybook, and I recently posted my dream business on Over 10 years as a music educator and performer and an unmatched compassion for at-risk families make me the prime candidate to successfully establish this percussion studio for underprivileged students.

    At any given time, my studio will have between 60 and 100 students, a quarter of whom will receive free lessons due to economic hardships.

    Through individual instruction, group lessons, concerts, and performances--students from low income families will get to experience music education like never before.

    Gifted musicians often never achieve great success because they are held back by financial constraints. Your contribution to my kickstarter can get us one step closer to helping students realize their potential!

    Please check out my kickstarter and share the link with others.

    -- Sincerely, Marshall Hoybook
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